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The year is 2670. Humans live throughout our solar system, now called SolSys1. Scratching out an existence and reaching into the black where we learned to better prepare ourselves. Each scientific advancement, exploratory venture, exoplanetary discovery, and landing came at a humbling cost. It’s an exciting thought to think and seek for life out there, the confirming of it isn’t always the same feeling.

At this point, Earth has been discovered separately by two different species over a couple hundred plus years apart. Discovery can sometimes be indoctrination through diplomacy. That was not the human experience. Neither species were the aliens of our sci-fi fairytales, coming to share their community spirit and knowledge; they both were the invading types. We quickly learned of our shortcomings; intellectually, scientifically, and how weak were our defensive capabilities against such alien intelligences. Our salvation was revealed through our species unification to survive, cunning ability, and a shear blind luck in a reversal of fortune; on both occasions. Earning us a brief period of our present solitude.

Our unification against a common enemy made us stronger. Our communities evolved forcing governments to surrender to corporations as humanity reorganized and renewed. Cash changed to credit, most laws are now policies, and the only flags we fly are with corporate logos. Primarily, humans survive in habitat domes, stations, and bases within SolSys1, under their employer’s logos. Earth itself though not openly habitable has company branded domes for the people who live in the turmoiled ruin of its visited aftermath.

Now, humans seek new worlds in which to explore, colonize, brand and distribute as profitable resources. The revelation of new worlds turns an enormous profit and increases corporate power. The vastly wealthy corporations allocate the few discovered worlds to what best suit their bottom line: increasing SolSys1’s profitability.

Human life comes in many enhanced, augmented, genetically sculpted shapes and forms encompassing a spectrum of organics, synthetics, and even virtual. Space to live in is still one of the hottest commodities to be had. In one way or another people need a place to live, being in a real body with a home, synthetic with a storage unit, or virtual with a Master Copy drive. Credits, secrets and skills can purchase comfort. People either work for the corporations or do business with the right ones to stay afloat. Those that do not must diversify, be capable, and resourceful enough to survive; in space. The largest jackpots of credits are up for grabs, in planetary discovery and terraforming. Most adventurers are looking for the pay dirt literally to be set for life.

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