About Us


About Argonauts Inc.

Argonauts Incorporated is evolving Tabletop Roleplaying Games. We have sci-fi, horror, and a few other genres that are in development. Our interest is in providing gamers with inspiring concepts for the development of our world with their visions. We aim to offer platforms, adventures, materials, and products for GMs and Players to enhance their story development while creating more engaging play sessions.

Become part of our community and see what’s happening in our first world TerrorForm and the ones to come. We want players to test their limits through building and having their challenging fun and excitement. Come venture with the Argonauts, make your adventures bold.


Mission Statement

We at Argonauts Incorporated are dedicated to creating and providing a tabletop roleplaying system and content that is enjoyable, versatile, and expandable to our various gaming world concepts. Through our RPG system and content, we want to provide our players with the means to bring their own worlds, characters, and ideas to life to enhance their roleplaying experience.


Our Community

 As a young company our desire is to contribute and grow within the gaming community. Our chosen name Argonauts is the spirit of adventure that we as role-players invoke when we explore and journey through our worlds. As a company and as gamers we want to set the field for players to enjoy the challenge of playing and exploring. Come adventure with the bold.  

Executive Profiles


Charlotte "Chibi" Jordan

Secretary/Director of Social Media. Addicted to streaming television and true crime, she is the online thread that holds our network together and explores communities. As the nickname suggests, she is the smallest Argonaut and far from frail. The mother hen of the team, she makes sure we are taken care of, at the table and away from it. Chibi feels that the more a player develops their character, the more fun, interaction, and experiences can be had. Her first RPG experiences occurred when she was six, as a small yet tough superhero. In recent years, she has refined her playing style as a classy murderous hobo.  


Dom "Kiki" Jordan

The Vice President/Director of Art and Design. She has been writing and drawing since her fingers achieved motor skills. Inclined to creative expression, gaming is one of various niches that fuel her artisan fire. She has an affinity for the supernatural, graphic novels, cinema, music and the growing number of books attributed to them. She believes that gaming is one of the many ways people, no matter the background, can come together and make fun memories. Learning the ways of RPG’s through DB’s collection and then some, she enjoys the art of role play, character creation, and being the table’s jukebox DJ. 


Russ "DB" Jordan

The Argonauts Inc. President/CEO. He has been a fan of Sci-Fi, comics, animation, fantasy, mythology, tabletop roleplay, horror, and more for most of his life… (he says 45 years, but some odd thousand years or so seems to make much more sense). Having a great love for Family, Adventure, Teaching… Cake, and whatever else life sends to enrich his experience is what has fueled his love for tabletop RPGs. DB’s into world creation and system development which he feels allows the players a chance to explore and experience the places of the imagination. This is the player’s chance to have fun, be challenged, and see new worlds through excited eyes. Being involved in various types of games, activities, and adventuring communities for 45 years, and experiencing the evolution of Tabletop RPGs since 1980 has inspired him over the years to design this RPG system.